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was July 4th. And it was one of the best July 4ths I ever had. I played football for 5 hours straight, and it was pretty fun.(: I worked on my aim and I kinda saw improvement… Hopefully, they’ll make an NFL team for women. :D

We had BBQ and yum yum yum… Even though it wasn’t Halloween, we went bobbing for apples. My friends and family have weird traditions. We also played badminton and “catch the tennis ball”. It was pretty fun.

And then when it came to the fireworks, we walked all the way to the beach. It was a fantastic night. The fireworks were beautiful.

We had to walk home after, but since I didn’t live in that city, my friends and I got lost and we had to call our parents for directions. It was scary because some lady started a fight with some people in civil unions and she was cursing like there was no tomorrow. It was all dark and there were barely any street lamps. But we got home safely after half an hour and we had soup.

I hope my followers had a great 4th of July like I did! :)

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