So I heard Garth Brook’s song: The Thunder Rolls, and…

It was beautiful. It was completely mesmerizing. I replayed it at least 12 times on Youtube. I kept requesting it in my radio station (Go Country 105.1 FM).

I just don’t know what’s so great about that song. It’s just so… How do you explain it? It’s something worth writing about on Tumblr.(: The thunder’s just so spooky and it feels like I was back in Texas. Garth really does not how to catch the audience in his arms.

What do you think of the song?

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    The song gives me chills to this day. It gave me chills as a child but for a different reason. Then i was scared of the...
  2. disc-overy answered: It’s amazing, one of his greats. One of those songs that never get old!
  3. country--roots answered: It was the song that made me start listening to Garth when i was 7, he has been my favorite musical artist since
  4. dustypathtonowhere answered: it is one of the best songs he has performed. “we shall be free” is, in my opinio, the most meaningful song
  5. freddiethefreeloader answered: Loved that song since I was little
  6. childwithalionheart answered: It’s one of my favorite country songs, since I was a little kid. The thunder is so eerie and it really draws you in.
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